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Ben Greenfield Podcast:
“What is Human Garage?”


Barbell Shrugged Podcast:
“How to Fix Your Posture and Movement Patterns”

“I was at a point in my life with chronic pain in my hip and my joints. And I went to see every doctor which helped in the short term but it really wasn’t getting to the root of it. When I came to Human Garage, not only did I get relief from the pain, which seemed to be my priority when I first came in, but it was the last result that I seemed to care about because emotionally it made me feel really alive.”  — Aileen

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“After all, the mind (our brain) is housed in and lives within the body. If we ignore the body, we are ignoring the very vehicle from which we live our lives. It’s the mode of transportation that carries us through every interaction. The body is our home. So why don’t we start treating it that way?” — Whitney Easton, Tuned In Blog