Our services work together to fix you.

We develop a unique ongoing treatment plan for each of our clients that finds and fixes pain.

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, regaining a pain-free full range of motion that lasts for life doesn’t happen in a single session.

The Human Garage Alignment Protocol is what we call your ongoing treatment plan. It is a full-service program that incorporates our three specialty departments: Full-Body Release + Alignment; Movement Rehab + Athletic Performance Training; and Nutritional Optimization.

Don’t worry about figuring out exactly what services will work best for you right now—that’s what your Initial Consultation is for.

Step One: Book Your Initial Consultation

Everyone who comes into Human Garage starts off by booking an Initial Consultation. This is when we’ll do some basic assessments that establish your ‘baseline’. You’ll receive a few treatments to see how well your body responds to different methods.

As there are no two people exactly alike, the Initial Consultation is how we figure out what services in our Alignment Protocol will work best for your body.



Motion Mechanic™ Release

Our Motion Mechanics work to release and correct misalignment in the body. Typically, two or more practitioners will work simultaneously with you during a session to “untorque” and unwind your fascia to restore proper alignment and movement. Motion Mechanic Releases also regulate and redistribute pressure in the body to release trauma, tension and stress. Dysfunction in the body is corrected using our proven and proprietary techniques. You get a customized session every time, according to what your body calls for that day. 

Good for: structural realignment, organ pressure relief and stimulation, increase in blood flow, injury rehabilitation and prevention, pain and tension relief, stress relief, promoting good posture, maintaining optimal alignment.

Fascial Flow™ Integration

A Fascial Flow session is basically an elevated massage. Fascial Flow Integration is designed to integrate all the changes that are taking place in your body during your treatment program. However, what you’ll actually feel is tension and stress melting away as you slip into a blissful, parasympathetic state—which optimizes your own body’s natural ability to heal and restores proper alignment and flow along fascial lines.

Good for: pain relief, stress relief, relaxation, increasing circulation, promoting good posture, maintaining optimal alignment, improving mood, increasing energy levels, relieving neck, back and shoulder soreness.

Full-Motion Chiropractic™

This is not your average chiropractic adjustment. Our Full-Motion Chiropractors practice a gentler form of chiropractic, addressing joints and extremities, often incorporating multiple treatment modalities into the session. Your session may include craniopathy (cranio-sacral work), “untorquing”, muscle releases, and/or exercises to reinforce proper movement patterns. Each session is a detailed, full-body adjustment that gets you aligned from head to toe.

Good for: full-body pain relief, including neck, back, shoulders and hips, headaches/migraines, cranial adjustments (craniopathy), scoliosis, sciatic pain, optimal alignment, injury rehabilitation and prevention, promoting good posture, optimizing athletic performance


Progression Specialist Movement Rehabilitation and Athletic Performance

Once your body is in the process of realignment, it’s important to erase faulty movement patterns and teach it to move properly. Movement Rehabilitation retrains your body and brain for a stronger, more stable foundation to build upon. This is a crucial part of your alignment journey as it helps to prevent future injuries and optimize movement and athletic performance. Our highly skilled Progression Specialists will assess your current movement patterns and will provide you with a customized exercise program for you to follow. Once you’ve mastered the exercises and your movement improves, our Progression Specialists can take you to the next level, including smart athletic training programs to help you meet your health and performance goals!  

Good for: injury recovery, rehabilitation and prevention, athletic performance, optimizing range of motion, weight-loss, lean/tone, endurance, strength and stamina training.


Biochemical Wellness Testing

We use a non-invasive urine and saliva test, called the Biochemical Wellness Analysis to analyze your internal chemistry. While a typical blood test tells you whether you’re sick or not, our subclinical test is more of a wellness test, which tells you how hard your body is working to maintain normal functions. It analyzes 14 key biomarkers that provide a picture of what organs or functions in your body are in need of repair. A biomarker is an objective indicator of important internal biological processes that give us a detailed report of how close your body is to homeostasis (or balance). When internal chemistry is out of alignment, health issues arise, which can lead to disease and discomfort, and can also affect how tension and pain manifest in the body.

Good for: dietary and metabolic issues, food sensitivities or intolerances, pinpointing the root causes of undiagnosed symptoms, fertility, optimizing overall internal health, rebooting the body’s internal system, gaining more energy, balancing hormones, managing stress.

Nutrition Alignment 

Starting with the BWA Test, our Nutrition Alignment Specialists work with you to determine what internal imbalances may be causing discomfort, food sensitivities or intolerances, a sluggish metabolism, digestive issues, or skin problems (just to name a few). Nutrition Alignment Specialists use your test results to develop a dietary and supplement protocol that fits your lifestyle to repair and balance your biochemistry to promote optimal health and happiness.

Good for: dietary and metabolic issues, food sensitivities or intolerances, digestive issues, rebooting your internal system, relieving stress, organ support, adrenal support, balancing hormones, increasing energy.

Fertility Alignment Program 

No hormones. No injections. Our Fertility Program starts by taking a non-invasive Biochemical Wellness Analysis Test to pinpoint the internal chemical imbalances that could be causing infertility. The condition of your body while you’re pregnant also influences the health of your future child. The Fertility Protocol involves healthy lifestyle and dietary changes, as well as a chemical-free supplement protocol, to give your body exactly what it needs to get pregnant—naturally. 

Good for: infertility, natural conception, healthy pregnancy, birth preparation, pre/postpartum, giving birth to healthy children.

Our services can help treat:

  • Infertility
  • Neurological Reintegration
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety/Depression

Ready to get started at Human Garage?

An inside look at what goes on inside the Garage

A Motion Mechanic Release™ session with our Master Motion Mechanic, Brian

lauren - human garage untorque session

An Untorque™ Session with Olympic medalist Lauren Sesselmann

A Full-Motion™ Chiropractic Session with Dr. Luke Mattison

An Untorque™ Session on professional dancer, Taylor Gagliano

What our clients are saying

…an absolutely mind-blowing full body reboot that turned out to be the most unique mash-up of deep tissue body work, aromatherapy, energy healing and combination of ancestral methods and modern science that I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Ben Greenfield

 If you care about yourself or health in any way, you should visit the Human Garage!

Every person that works there is very special and most importantly they are genuine with everything they do.  I wish more people would be like this on the planet. I have raised my level of awareness of my body and have become so much healthier than I was before.

Marisa R.

I fully believe in what the Human Garage is doing and the way that they are able to address the body’s entire system using foundational Biomechanics, extensive medical understanding, as well as amazing intuition. They are the best from my experience.

Dr. Laura Berman

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