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Unlike traditional modalities for managing pain, we find and treat the origins of your misalignment to maximize your body’s innate capacity to heal.

At Human Garage, we are not your standard wellness center. We pursue the power of alignment to get your mind and body functioning and moving better. How? We use our intimate knowledge of the internal fascial network to locate where stress, trauma and tension is being stored in your body—the underlying origins of your misalignment. We then systematically release those areas to get you on the path to optimal alignment.

Our approach is based on a sound belief in the connection between body and mind. We offer a variety of services that work in tandem to bring both back into balance.

In addition to our Full Body Release + Realignment, we offer ongoing personalized Motion Retraining, Rehab + Performance Optimization plans to help clients who want to continue performing at an optimal level, or who are recovering from injuries, surgeries and chronic pain.

No wellness plan is complete without addressing nutrition. Our Nutritional Alignment Specialists can help identify any internal chemical imbalances due to poor hydration or dietary/lifestyle habits.

What We Do


Full Body Release + Realignment

  • Motion Mechanics™ – As a human being, you store trauma, tension and stress in your muscles, fascia and other organs, which ultimately creates dysfunction and misalignment. Our Motion Mechanics analyze your gait, posture and biomechanics to determine the core cause of your misalignment. They then get to work releasing and repairing those key areas in a proven systematic manner.
  • Full-Motion Chiropractic™ – Working closely with our Motion Mechanics, our specially trained chiropractic team fine tunes your skeletal structure. Their thorough, customized adjustments focus on releasing joints and extremities, often using craniopathy, to help optimize your alignment from head to toe.
  • Fascial Flow Integration™ – Our Fascial Flow Specialists work with your fascia, smoothing out high tension areas as they move and guide soft tissue along specific fascial lines to reintegrate the releases and optimize the performance of the fascia.  This treatment is great for stress relief, increasing circulation and promoting good posture, while maintaining optimal alignment. You will leave feeling refreshed, energized and happy!

Motion Retraining, Rehab + Performance Optimization

  • Progression Specialist™ – Our Progressive Motion Specialists replace your personal trainer, neuromuscular trainer and physical therapist to keep you aligned and supple for life. They work to correct and retrain your movement patterns by designing personalized training programs around a full functional and neurological screening. Whether you need to work on your rehabilitation or on optimizing your strength, stamina and athletic performance, we help accelerate your recovery and get you moving like a well-oiled machine.

Nutrition Optimization

  • Nutrition Alignment Specialists™ – Fueling and hydrating your body optimally first requires a deep understanding of your lifestyle, nutritional habits and your biochemical balance. From meal planning and smart supplementation to digestive support and health coaching, our nutritionists are key to our clients’ long-term success.
  • Biochemical Wellness Analysis™ – Each person we treat is incredibly unique. We look at your body as a whole, from the inside out. When your chemistry is off balance, it will affect your alignment. Our Nutrition Alignment Specialists use the Biochemical Wellness Analysis (BWA) Test to identify your underlying internal imbalances and analyze key biomarkers. You will receive a customized plan to help you repair and balance your bioterrain with dietary recommendations, all-natural supplements and simple lifestyle changes.
  • Additional Testing available for:
    – Food Sensitivities
    – Lyme
    – Heavy Metals
    – Viruses
    – Microbiome
    – Hydration
    – Toxicity

The best way to find out what your body needs is to book an initial assessment + treatment with one of our Master Motion Mechanics.


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