We’re the home to trained therapists and practitioners who have an insatiable desire to figure out how things work.

The approaches that we’ve pioneered at Human Garage have come about from being dedicated students of the human body and building an intimate understanding of how each muscle works; and more importantly, how it doesn’t. 

The therapy at Human Garage is still constantly evolving as we learn, test and validate better ways to get results. New discoveries by our Body Mechanics turn into company-wide training and a new standard of doing things. It’s our culture of continuous learning that has allowed us to push the boundaries of traditional physical therapy and fix people that have given up hope of ever regaining a pain-free, full range of motion.

What our clients are saying

…an absolutely mind-blowing full body reboot that turned out to be the most unique mash-up of deep tissue body work, aromatherapy, energy healing and combination of ancestral methods and modern science that I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Ben Greenfield

If you care about yourself or health in any way, you should visit the Human Garage!

Every person that works there is very special and most importantly they are genuine with everything they do.  I wish more people would be like this on the planet. I have raised my level of awareness of my body and have become so much healthier than I was before.

Marisa R.

I fully believe in what the Human Garage is doing and the way that they are able to address the body’s entire system using foundational Biomechanics, extensive medical understanding, as well as amazing intuition. They are the best from my experience.

Dr. Laura Berman

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