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Due to the personalized nature of what we do, we currently have a Waitlist for new clients. We know you’re eager to come in, so we will do everything we can to get you an initial appointment quickly at Human Garage.

We can also do our initial consults over Skype if coming in is not feasible. 

Your first visit to Human Garage will be an assessment and may also include treatment with a Motion Mechanic. Meet our Master Motion Mechanic Alex and learn what to expect from your first visit—it’ll only take a minute!


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What happens next?

After your initial consult, you’ll have a customized Alignment Protocol that’s based on the way your body responds to our initial assessments, as well as your personal goals. Once your assessment is complete and we know which services you need to continue on your path to optimal alignment, we’ll get those all booked for you at our front desk.