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We’re incredibly excited to invite you into Human Garage for a complimentary Consultation.

Your Initial Consultation is the first step in understanding what your body needs to move and function optimally.


A bit about Human Garage

We’re a holistic wellness center in Marina Del Rey that fixes people. We use our intimate knowledge of how the human body is connected through the fascia (a critical, but sadly underrated, organ) to release, realign and retrain your body and mind.

Whether you’re focused on dealing with injuries and chronic pain, optimizing athletic performance or improving overall wellness, we can help.

After your Initial Consultation, we’ll develop a unique Alignment Protocol just for you that’s completely tailored to your body, goals and lifestyle.

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Coming in for a consultation is the first step towards better alignment 

Your Initial Consultation is when we’ll do some base assessments to identify the underlying areas of your misalignment.

Here’s what you’ll get from your Initial Consultation:

  • Posture Screening & Analysis
  • Walking Pattern Assessment
  • Immediate Postural Corrections for better alignment
  • A better understanding of where misalignment and pain in your body stems from
  • A personalized Alignment Protocol
  • A chance to take the Biochemical Wellness Analysis Test, which assesses your biochemistry and identifies internal imbalances, after your appointment

Watch the video below as our Master Motion Mechanic, Alexander, quickly walks you through what to expect from your Initial Consultation at Human Garage.


Please fill out the form below and one of our Alignment Advisors will reply as soon as possible to make arrangements for your complimentary consultation.

Please write VIP18 in the space at the bottom of the form that says “Referral/Priority Code” so we can be sure that you get your full discount (consultations are usually $150) and so we can bump you to the top of our waitlist.

Once you have submitted the form you will receive a confirmation email with a link to verify your registration. Please be advised that you MUST click on that link to confirm your spot on the waitlist.


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