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By: Liz Beebe

Read about Liz Beebe’s (lead singer of The Dustbowl Revival) experience with Human Garage!

“I never thought I would live with chronic pain, but getting in two back to back accidents 2 years ago forever changed my relationship with my body and it’s functionality. I’m several weeks into a rehabilitating, re-aligning super-program with Human Garage and am feeling what I can only describe as freedom in my body that I haven’t felt in years, if ever. So thankful for their knowledge and wisdom in the world of healing – mind, body and spirit. Feeling so many shifts, and walking/existing is becoming easier and easier as the pain gently lifts away. It’s hard work, and incredibly painful to confront the injuries and their compensating issues so directly, but the people of Human Garage are truly making is possible. I was told by several doctors to expect to be in pain for life, but I’m seeing now just how wrong they were, and it feels truly incredible to be on my way to my best self ever. I’m glad I didn’t listen, and didn’t stop trying to find solutions and answers because they led me right here. If you have a body that needs some serious TLC, check them out. They will give you a hug and crack your heart right open to experience just how good your body is supposed to feel. I can’t wait to see what the next several weeks bring!” —Theresa.

“The Human Garage team is so incredibly good and so very passionate about what they do it’s unlike any other experience I’ve ever had in taking care of my body. When I came in I had aches and pains all over. I had running injury a couple of months prior and was in pretty bad shape. My very first session with Jennifer created a powerful release that made me see the value of doing the deep body work. Each successive session focused on a different part of my body and by the time I was finished with all six there was a marked reduction in pain and my posture and gait were much more natural and relaxed. I am also currently in the biomechanics section of the program and after two sessions I am seeing an even deeper feeling of well being overall. I work in an advertising agency that has a very stressful deadline driven environment and I feel like this program has really helped me learn how to get through the day without holding stress anywhere in my body. I have also been using the various formulas available at the front desk and they have been super helpful on the mental side of the equation for dealing with work related stress. Overall I could not be more pleased with my experience at the Human Garage and feel like I came across them at just the right time in my life.” —Bryan B.

“I feel an incredible lightness. I didn’t realize how much my shoulders were hunched over until the body work released it and then all of a sudden it felt like my shoulders were trying to float off the rest of my body. And also the mental clarity is incredible. As a writer, it’s a huge asset to suddenly have an open and blank mind without all the racing thoughts that are such a distraction. To just be starting with a clean slate. It’s amazing.” —Brian M.


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