BWA Test & Nutrition Alignment Consultation


BWA Test: $400

Nutrition Alignment Consultation Call: $150

THE BWA IS A NON-INVASIVE, SUBCLINICAL URINE AND SALIVA TEST THAT ANALYZES A TOTAL OF 14 KEY BIOMARKERS: pH levels of urine and saliva, Oxidative stress, Electrolyte balance, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, Inflammation, Alkaline ion, Digestion, Hydration, Toxicity\, Liver and kidney analysis, Adrenal analysis, Anabolic / catabolic levels

Biomarkers reveal internal imbalances that may be causing things like intolerance to certain foods, digestive/gut issues, autoimmune disease, fatigue/insomnia, constant tension in the body, etc.  We have also found that clients whose test results follow a specific pattern within the biomarkers, tend to have certain viruses that are important to address. Further testing with our Viral Load Test Panel can confirm whether or not your body is struggling with unnecessary viral load, however the BWA Test is always the best place to start.