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The Human Garage: Discover How To Reboot Your Body & Recharge Your Brain With The Most Advanced Form Of Bodywork That Exists.


How to Fix Your Posture and Movement Patterns – Episode 254


Training to be a Superhero  w/ Brandon Routh – 282

Tuning Up the Body with Garry Lineham


Anela Lineham – On Courage and Resiliency, Living Into Your Intention No Matter What The Obstacle


What Goes on Under the Hood at Human Garage with Alexander Rizk and Brian Donahoe

Internal Happiness and the Human Garage with Alex Rizk

project life mastery video

project life mastery

Project Life Mastery with Stefan James and Tatiana Buree: How To Align Your Body and Mind for High Performance 


Resolving Pain, Fascia, & Gravity on Align Podcast

EP: 159

Anela Lineham: Making the World a Better Place | EP #54


Human Garage With Gary Lineham & The High-Fat Fallacy [BIO Podcast: Ep 253]

Garry Lineham: On The Human Garage, His “Machine-Shop” for the Body Where They Heal the Un-Healable | EP: 133

Garry Lineham: Awakening Consciousness Through Body Alignment


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