We get it—there’s nothing worse than sitting on the sidelines because of an injury.

When people dealing with injuries, chronic pain or discomfort come to us, their number one complaint about traditional therapies is that it takes way too long to make any noticeable, lasting changes.

We pioneered a whole new type of holistic treatment that combines existing modalities (like chiropractic, massage and physical therapy) with our intimate understanding of the human body’s internal fascial network. Our clients notice a difference in how they move, feel and perform after just one session.

We’re finding that when people go through stress and trauma, such as injuries, they tend to hold unhealthy, unwanted tension in their “fascial network”—which is basically a network of connective tissue that spans your entire body. When you hold tension in your fascial network, it causes the rest of your body to twist and pull out of alignment in an attempt to compensate. When you’re misaligned, it creates serious problems like chronic pain and failure to recover from (and prevent further) injuries.

First, we find the areas of unhealthy tension in your fascial network that are causing you to be misaligned (and in pain). Then, we systematically release them. Next, we realign your body from head to toe. Finally, we retrain you to move better so that you stay out of pain.

We’re constantly innovating to find new ways to access and maximize the human body’s innate capacity to heal.

Lauren Sessleman — our resident soccer pro and Olympic medalist has been coming to Human Garage to help with:

  • Injury Rehabilitation + Prevention
  • Chronic Pain Reduction
  • Better Mind/Body Alignment
  • Performance, Strength + Stamina Training

Lauren’s Untorque™ Session at Human Garage

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