Here’s why you might not be getting pregnant—even though you’re trying to do everything right

Listen to Simone’s experience to learn how properly preparing her body for pregnancy led to two natural pregnancies at the age of 40.

“Why aren’t I getting pregnant?”

Something you’ve probably asked yourself over and over again and something we hear all the time. Most people who come to us have undergone rounds of unsuccessful hormone therapies and they still don’t have an answer to this question. It’s a frustrating, time-consuming, emotional rollercoaster of trial and error, often involving expensive and painful treatments.

As a holistic wellness center, we’re focused on finding the root cause of your infertility so that you finally have an answer to the question “why aren’t I getting pregnant?”. Figuring out what’s going on beneath the surface is the first step in giving your body what it needs to conceive naturally.

Simone’s infertility wasn’t due to a hormone deficiency—so why was she being treated with hormone therapies?

Unfortunately, most fertility procedures try to fix the problem by pumping more hormones into the body for a higher probability of success. But, if you’re like Simone and the root issues preventing you from getting pregnant aren’t actually hormonal, it’s like trying to fix a sore throat with a band-aid. 

After trying a number of exhaustive treatments—acupuncture, IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), fertility drugs, IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization)—while leading a textbook healthy lifestyle as a licensed nutritionist and personal trainer, Simone was still not pregnant after 6 years of persistent effort. Why? Because despite getting help and “doing everything right”, she still had no idea why her body wasn’t ready to conceieve.

While hormone treatments can certainly help people who are deficient in certain hormones related to pregnancy, that wasn’t what Simone needed—and that might not be what you need either. 

Discovering your unique internal chemistry is the first step to understanding your infertility

There is no one-size-fits-all pregnancy prescription. Your body has a unique “normal” at which it functions optimally. Often, an inability to get pregnant means that your body has strayed from this “normal” homeostatic balance. 

To assess the state of your internal chemistry and find any imbalances, we analyze your Biomarkers (short for Biological Markers), which are objective indicators of important biological processes. They’re often used in cancer detection and drug development because they give us accurate, detailed reporting of how close your body is to normal, balanced homeostasis. They also point us straight to the internal chemical imbalances that allow us to understand what could be preventing you from getting pregnant.

Imbalances sometimes present themselves as detectable symptoms, such as trouble digesting foods resulting in gas or bloating, constipation, skin breakouts, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, or pain. Oftentimes, they go completely unnoticed. Even if we eat right, exercise, stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep, there could still be chemical imbalances beneath the surface that we’re completely unaware of. 

Going beneath the surface to learn more about your biomarkers allows us to identify the imbalances and misalignments that, in turn, will help us answer the question: “why aren’t I getting pregnant?”. Once that question is answered, we develop a custom protocol for you to follow to help correct those imbalances and misalignments.

Test, Rather Than Guess — Biochemical Wellness Analysis (BWA) Testing 

A BWA Test will give you a detailed synopsis of exactly what’s going on under the skin that’s preventing you from becoming pregnant naturally. Here’s a bit more about the test—

  • Non-invasive urine and saliva test
  • Analyzes 14 key internal “biomarkers” that uncover internal imbalances
  • Measures pH levels, hydration, toxicity, inflammation levels, organ and kidney function, ability to metabolize carbohydrates and proteins, food digestion and nutrient absorption, cell recovery and regeneration
  • The basis for a personal protocol we develop for you to follow to correct internal imbalances
  • The protocol will include dietary and lifestyle changes as well as supplement protocols if needed

Simone always had the gut feeling that she wasn’t deficient in the fertility drugs or hormones that she was previously prescribed. Rather, the key was to address the root causes of her infertility and bring everything into balance to work properly, and in sync with each other. After she received the results of her BWA Test and was given a custom protocol to follow, she had the tools to give her body the support it needed to produce the right hormones, naturally.

Fast forward to May 2018, Simone has a 17-month-old healthy, happy daughter, and at 42 years old, is currently 8 months pregnant with her second baby girl!

Below are samples of two pages of the BWA Test Analysis.

fertility program BWA TEST

Talk to someone about taking the BWA Test

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