Get ready for a whole new type of massage.

A Fasical Flow session targets unhealthy pressure in your fascial network to release, realign and recharge your body.

Watch the video below to learn a little more about how our approach can help with chronic pain.

Your fascia is a highly important, but sadly glossed over, network of connective tissue that spans the body. Over time, stress, trauma and tension essentially become “stored” in your fascia.

In order to compensate for these unhealthy areas of pressure, your body tends to twist out of its regular, healthy alignment. This causes pain, body aches and an inability to move properly. By working along your fascial lines, we’re able to find—and systematically release—the areas of tension that are causing you to experience these symptoms.

Oftentimes, the area that you’re experiencing pain is not where your pain stems from. We can’t even tell you how common it is for someone to come in begging us to release a sore neck muscle when the problem actually originates from fascial tension in their hip.

While traditional massage therapy focuses on lessening pain where it is felt in the body, Fascial Flow treatments work to address the underlying sources of your misalignment—so you can get and stay out of pain.

A Fascial Flow treatment is great for:

  • pain management
  • stress relief and relaxation
  • increasing circulation
  • promoting good posture
  • maintaining optimal alignment
  • increasing energy levels

Fascial Flow Pricing 

90-minute Session – $200

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One of our specialists will be in touch shortly to book you into Human Garage and answer any questions you might have about the treatment.

Please note that this session is complemented with the use of high-quality essential oils, intentional lighting, and salt lamps, to help foster connection to our clients bodies for maximum purification and restoration.

After the session, you will feel relaxed and refueled. We recommend giving yourself ample time after with no plans to allow this new space in your mind and body to settle.

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