If traditional chiropractic adjustments have not been able to fix you, you’ve come to the right place.

Watch the video below to learn how our holistic, 360-degree chiro can help you.

Full-Motion Chiropractic™ is a holistic form of chiropractic that addresses the root cause of your pain instead of chasing its symptoms.

Our licensed chiropractors incorporate a whole new set of modalities to systematically release, realign and retrain your entire body to move better—so you can get, and stay out of pain.

Your appointment will be a detailed, 45-minute adjustment that may incorporate craniopathy, fascial integration and functional movement for optimal alignment and performance. Not exactly sure what those things are? Don’t worry—they’re explained by Dr. Danielle Olson in the video above.

A lot of what we do at Human Garage involves using our intimate knowledge of the “fascia”—a critical network of connective tissue that spans the body—to manipulate and heal the human body.

Over time, stress, trauma and tension essentially become “stored” in your fascia. In order to compensate for these unhealthy areas of pressure, your body tends to twist out of its regular, healthy alignment. This causes pain, body aches and an inability to move properly. By working along your fascial lines, we’re able to find—and systematically release—the areas of tension that are causing you to experience these symptoms. Combined with a little fine-tuning of your skeletal structure, you’ll be on the path to regaining a pain-free, full range of motion after your first session.

untorquing session with danielle

Full-Motion Chiropractic™ is great for:

  • full-body pain relief – including neck, back, shoulders and hip
  • head pain relief (craniopathy)
  • scoliosis treatment 
  • achieving and maintaining optimal alignment
  • injury rehabilitation + prevention
  • optimizing athletic performance
  • promoting good posture
  • regaining a pain-free, full range of motion

Full-Motion Chiropractic™ Session Pricing

Initial Consultation + Adjustment (45 mins) – $150


  • Posture Screening & Analysis
  • Walking Pattern Assessment
  • Immediate Postural Corrections for better alignment
  • A better understanding of where the misalignment and pain in your body stems from
  • A personalized Alignment Protocol for ongoing Chiropractic Treatments
  • A chance to take the Biochemical Wellness Analysis Test, which assesses your biochemistry and identifies internal imbalances, after your appointment

Subsequent Adjustments (45 mins) – $150 

  • Subsequent Appointments will work to address the root causes of your pain and misalignment

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Meet our two licensed Full-Motion Chiropractors™

When faced with a diagnosis of a tumor that had caused blindness and infertility, Dr. Danielle Olson went on a fast, prayed, meditated, and sought Cranial care. All of her hard work and focus to heal was a success when her tumor vanished in a matter of minutes during a Cranial session. Knowing that no single approach was the right one for every individual, she developed a multi-faceted approach of Craniopathy, Chiropractic, Reiki, and Qigong to provide gentle, comprehensive, and individualized care for her clients.

Dr. Luke Mattison comes from an entire family of chiropractors and received his first adjustment at only a few weeks old. Dr. Mattison uses his knowledge of how the body is intricately connected to realign the body from head to toe and reverse the wear and tear that builds up over time. Dr. Mattison focuses on addressing this wear and tear before it manifests as pain in order to give clients a healthy, pain-free motion for life.