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Ryan Hodge – Becoming the Cali Open World Kettlebell Champ

Before Human Garage, Ryan Hodge, a former college athlete and multi-faceted, certified strength and conditioning coach, suffered from bilateral labrum tears in both shoulders since high school, chronic back pain since college, and a number of other injuries.  When he entered the 2016 Cali Open World Kettlebell Competition for the first time, Ryan trained through […]


hydration water bottle

Are you or anyone you know taking medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, or ADD/ADHD?   Chronic dehydration is becoming more of an epidemic, and unbeknownst to many, dehydration may be the culprit of common health problems that people are currently taking medications for!   SYMPTOMS OF DEHYDRATION Our bodily makeup is about […]


Just a few of the samples we received at the 2018 Expo West & Engredea Convention       Who knew that sprouted wheat and fresh roast coffee would one day happily cohabitate in a loaf of bread?  Honestly, I didn’t see that coming! You can thank Alvarado Street Bakery for that union. For all you coffee […]

Show Up, Take Care of Yourself

Extending unconditional love is a powerful tool to support positive change. Offering unconditional love starts with how you take care of you and the love you give yourself. Show up, take care of yourself, give more love. That’s what it’s all about. The Skid Row Carnival of Love was started by The Wayfarer Foundation to build community by providing resources […]

Merry and Bright: Attract What You Want in 2018 by Raising Your Vibrational Frequency!

MERRY and BRIGHT Attract What You Want in 2018 by Raising Your Vibrational Frequency! Have you ever met a person who has everything…(what kind of gift do you get for those people anyway)? Everything seems to go their way. Opportunities literally fall into their laps. They look good, smell good and run into people they […]

Beverages That Align With Your Body

As “gluten-free stuffing” and “creamy mashed cauliflower” are finding their way to today’s health-conscious holiday tables, so are organic and biodynamic wines. If you are diligent about eating healthy food, doesn’t it make sense to also be mindful about the wine you drink? Some of my coworkers and I got together to do some research, […]

Where do broken bodies go to thrive?

WHERE DO BROKEN BODIES GO TO THRIVE? Do you feel pain, tired, sluggish, weak, stiff, broken, or run down? Do you experience anxiety, depression, brain fog, or have racing thoughts?   Imagine a world where you feel energetic, strong and pain-free.Your body hums like a well-oiled machine in all its activities, your mind is clear […]

Brandon Routh Interview on Barbell Shrugged

We are so excited to announce that another amazing podcast was released from our friends at Barbell Shrugged.  This episode was filmed in the Garage and is with fellow Garager Brandon Routh! Brandon Routh currently plays The Atom in the TV show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Netflix and is best known for playing Superman in the […]

Back to School, Back to the Garage (HUMAN GARAGE, that is!)

It’s that time of year again….You’ve been running around all summer and before you’ve had a chance to recover from your vacation, it’s the beginning of a new school year. It’s the beginning of Fall! Thoughts fast forward to the weekly grind, juggling work, social events, your workouts, and the impending holidays which will be […]

Are All Chiropractors Created Equal?

Dr. Luke Mattison of Human Garage shares the limitations of traditional chiropractics and gives a full explanation of what differentiates chiropractics at Human Garage. We invite you to listen to our first video blog here!