5 Things We Love at Human Garage

Walking down the nutritional supplement aisle of Whole Foods, it is readily apparent there is an infinite number of brands, products, vitamins, powders, and supplements to fit our every need. It can be a daunting task to know where to begin, what brands to trust, and what remedies can help alleviate various ailments our bodies […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

In the world of natural methods of healing, there are a multitude of remedies. One such remedy is essential oils. When I first was introduced to natural modalities to heal the body, I often found myself overwhelmed by the amount of information and the variety of products through which to sift. I often found myself wondering: which […]

Balancing Body and Mind: the Human Garage Story

I can hear the sounds of the rain falling. I’m tucked away in a quiet mountainous town, situated on a small rural lake six hours east of Seattle, Washington. There is no Internet here and people are few and far between. As I stand barefoot in the rocky Washington sand, I feel pensive as the […]

Listening to Our Bodies’ Wisdom

Prior to coming to the Human Garage, I was disconnected from my body. My body spoke to me for years, yet I learned to actively ignore it. One might think competitive athletes are more connected to their bodies. Perhaps some are, but I mostly disagree. I think if most competitive athletes were really connected to […]

My Arrival at the Human Garage

When I came to the Human Garage in October of 2015, suffice it to say I was broken. Physically and emotionally. I’d spent the previous 48 hours violently ill, band-aid markings still in tact from the needle of the IV fluids, replenishing what I’d lost from yet another migraine the days before. This one felt […]