Ryan Hodge – Becoming the Cali Open World Kettlebell Champ

Before Human Garage, Ryan Hodge, a former college athlete and multi-faceted, certified strength and conditioning coach, suffered from bilateral labrum tears in both shoulders since high school, chronic back pain since college, and a number of other injuries.  When he entered the 2016 Cali Open World Kettlebell Competition for the first time, Ryan trained through the pain, addressing physical challenges with myofascial release and functional training. He competed, but instead of feeling stronger after training, his body felt more beat up. After that experience, he wasn’t sure what to make of his future athletic career.

In 2017, Ryan opted to receive treatment at the Human Garage and experienced the magic of the HG Alignment Protocol. Human Garage accelerated Ryan’s rehabilitation process by putting his body into better alignment and allowing the corrective work that he had utilized for his clients to continue to progress his health even faster. The full spectrum of modalities used at the Garage not only helped him attain more pain-free mobility to optimize his performance, but also gave him the tools to maintain the positive gains that were made.  

About 5 months ago, Ryan, who is now the Head of Biomechanical Development at Human Garage, started to train once again for the Cali Open along with his girlfriend, Kati, who prompted their decision to compete.  With the help of a sport-specific kettlebell coach, his own program design, and cross-training to make his body more resilient, Ryan won the championship in February 2018, this time with his body feeling the best it had since college!

    Human Garage wants to congratulate Ryan on the focus and impressively smart training that helped him overcome his injuries to become a World Cali Open Champ!  Our aim is to help other people around the world to enjoy the same pain-free, full range of motion that unlocks the body’s full potential!

As Ryan puts it: “it’s important to maintain balance in all areas of life, especially in physical training. Life is going to always throw obstacles your way, so keeping in balance will help improve resiliency and strength”.  

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