Where do broken bodies go to thrive?


Do you feel pain, tired, sluggish, weak, stiff, broken, or run down?

Do you experience anxiety, depression, brain fog, or have racing thoughts?


Imagine a world where you feel energetic, strong and pain-free.Your body hums like a well-oiled machine in all its activities, your mind is clear with a positive outlook and you are a happy, productive human being.Age is just a number, and you have abundant energy to fully participate in the things you love and enjoy with your friends and loved ones.You are confident and feel amazing in your own body, mind, and spirit!

Fall is underway and we’re in the fourth quarter.What will you do differently to upgrade your life before this year is over?

If you’re ready for a complete overhaul, Human Garage is here for you.From repairing imbalances in the muscles and fascia to improving your alignment and getting you out of pain, to correcting your biochemistry and remapping movement patterns in your body and brain, we have you covered.

Most of our clients come to us as a last resort after having tried a number of different modalities to find answers to their pain and health issues.This translates to having helped thousands to reclaim their lives and discover what it truly means to have pain free, full range of motion, for life!So what exactly is it that we do to help you achieve these results?

The Human Garage Alignment Protocol consists of four phases

to help you live a fully aligned life:

                                                       1) Assess   2) Repair   3) Align    4) For Life


Last month, we outlined the assessment process that occurs in each of our five different departments.This month, we will give you some of the details involved in the repair process.

Once you’ve had your initial consultation, which includes a gait and posture analysis, as well as a jaw release that calms your entire nervous system, you are ready to begin the next step of the protocol.When you come in for your first appointment, you will get on a Motion Mechanic’s table to begin the unwinding process, which includes six in-depth release sessions:1) Lower Release, 2) Core Release, 3) Shoulder Release, 4) Neck Release, 5) Custom Release #1, 6) Custom Release #2.

The best way I can explain the experience is through sharing my own as I went through it myself two years ago as a client. I was instantly welcomed into the Human Garage family as I was greeted with hugs and smiles and offered some hot herbal tea.I was then led to a massage table covered in a plush, soft blanket that was so comfortable, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and take a nap right then and there.Because the staff made me feel so at ease, I almost forgot the original reason I was there, which was to fix a painful right shoulder and right hip that always seemed to feel stuck.The Motion Mechanic explained to me what was going to happen and then proceeded to begin helping me release my adductor magnus muscle in my inner thigh.

The muscles are released through the application of pressure to a specific part of the muscle. What we are doing is giving the body a problem to “fix.” The body initially perceives the pressure as a level of 5-7 pain on a scale of 1-10 and then does what it’s designed to do: it heals itself by releasing hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, for the purpose of relaxing the muscle and fascia.After a minute or so, the pain diminishes as the muscle “let’s go” and releases. Once the muscle is released, the Motion Mechanic moves on to other muscles throughout the body, unwinding the body systematically, often beginning with the adductors, which act as springs for the hips.

The work that the Motion Mechanics do is unique in that they use both a therapeutic and intuitive approach by “tuning in” to your body to determine what it needs on any given day.What you need today may be different tomorrow and next week, depending on your personal history, injuries, activities, and current emotional state.Whether you had a stressful week at work, you danced the night away at a wedding, walked all day at a festival, strained your shoulder while wrestling with your kids, or just got off a plane, Motion Mechanics work accordingly to give you the best care with the intention of always having you leave the Garage feeling better than when you walked in.

It is not uncommon for clients to have emotional releases as part of the alignment process.I can honestly attest that I always felt wonderful after the table sessions and left feeling lighter, happier, moving easier and more fluidly, and by the time I completed the protocol, I was pain-free! It was an amazing, transformational experience for me, as it has proven to be for our clients and staff as well.


Next, our Full Motion Chiropractors put the finishing touches on the structure of the body using a customized, intuitive approach that is gentle, yet highly effective and focuses more on the body’s extremities and joints rather than just the spine.Typically, what happens when people get chiropractic work done, is that they feel great immediately after an adjustment, but after a couple of days, their structure is pulled back out of alignment because the tight muscles and fascia that had caused the misalignment in the first place, had not been released.This causes frequent recurrences of pain and discomfort and is the reason why chiropractic adjustments alone aren’t usually effective long term.Our Full Motion Chiropractors carefully tune in to your body to make sure they’re giving you what you need without overloading your nervous system to avoid undesirable symptoms, such as body aches and brain fog.


A vital step to repairing your biomechanics (the movement and functionality of your body), is repairing your biochemistry (how your body is working on the inside). Unlike blood tests that are designed to tell us whether you’re sick or not, Human Garage’s Biochemical Wellness Analysis test measures how healthy your body is.This BWA test was originally designed to determine the health of soil, showing what nutrients were needed in order to balance the properties of the soil and produce a healthy crop.In the same way, when you take the BWA test, which is a simple sub-clinical urine and saliva test, your lab results will reveal how healthy your “internal soil” is, and show us what is needed for your body to work optimally so you can feel your best, have more energy, less stiffness and pain, and be able to truly thrive from the inside out!Your biochemistry affects how well your body repairs itself as well as how receptive it will be to all the treatments. Furthermore, winding patterns in the body can actually be caused by biochemical misalignment.

To repair your biochemistry, our Biochemical Wellness Nutritionists will go over your lab results with you, asking you questions to get to know you and learn more about your lifestyle and eating habits.They provide step by step instructions on how to repair your body using the highest quality, holistic and homeopathic supplements and functional foods.Our view on supplements is that food is medicine and our holistic supplements are concentrated food.Therefore, our supplements help to restore your organs, hormones, and digestive system to optimal working order so you can feel your best and have more energy. Once you’re brought back into balance biochemically, supplements should only be used on an as-needed basis to keep you in balance, depending on the unique results of your tests and your lifestyle.


Now, your body has been unwound and your biochemistry is well on its way to becoming balanced.This is when our Progression Specialists go to work to help you rehabilitate the new foundation established in your body.They do this by taking you through a complete neuromuscular and functional screening.Progression Specialists will then design a customized exercise program to repair any visual, vestibular (inner ear), proprioceptive (where your body perceives itself in its environment), and movement imbalances that need to be addressed.

Many professional athletes and dancers come to Human Garage to repair the wear and tear their bodies had undergone over the years. With one such client, we discovered that she had a vestibular issue when she lost her balance during one of the tests.This explained why she would often bump into things and injure herself.She was then given a vestibular exercise to fix the problem which was effective in correcting the imbalance and helped give her better control to optimize her performance.This is just an example of how important the Rehab portion of our Alignment Protocol is for remapping neurological and functional pathways in the body.

After Rehab, picture yourself laying yourself down on a warm massage bed, softly lit by the glow of Himalayan salt lamps and uplifted by the aroma of our specially formulated essential oils.Our Fascial Flow Specialists begin to melt away the tension in your body as they attentively work with your fascia, soft tissue, and incorporate therapeutic muscle releases to integrate the changes that are taking place during the alignment process. Our Fascial Flow Release treatment lasts a heavenly hour and forty-five minutes, which always has me feeling lengthened, looser, euphoric, relaxed and invigorated all at the same time! I’ve received massages from around the world, and I can honestly say that I have no desire to go anywhere else after I had experienced the HG Fascial Flow Release.

Once again, Human Garage takes the guesswork out of achieving full mind/body repair and alignment.Our multi-faceted approach to repairing your body identifies the root source of problems, rather than merely treating the symptoms.We use proprietary, cutting-edge methods of tuning in and treating humans with the care they deserve.If this resonates with you, we invite you to come in and discover for yourself the full process at Human Garage and begin your journey with us!Give us a call to book a FREE CONSULTATION and get started on the Full Alignment and Rehab Protocol before the holidays are upon us!



Jennifer is an Alignment Advisor, Motion Mechanic, and Staff Writer for Human Garage.Having worked in the fitness and wellness industry for over 17 years as a workshop presenter, personal chef, certified fitness and health coach, her passion is to inspire people to live healthy, radiant lives, from the inside out!


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