Brandon Routh Interview on Barbell Shrugged

We are so excited to announce that another amazing podcast was released from our friends at Barbell Shrugged.  This episode was filmed in the Garage and is with fellow Garager Brandon Routh!

Brandon Routh currently plays The Atom in the TV show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Netflix and is best known for playing Superman in the movie Superman Returns.

But to us, Brandon is just another valued client working with our progression specialists to get his biomechanical rehabilitation aligned. When he first started training, he spent over a month and a half fixing his squat mechanics. Learning how to squat properly helps build core integrity which leads to overall improved movement.


Once he achieved a strong core, he can now perform new movements like rope climbs with proper mechanics and ease.

We encourage you to watch the full episode which includes his personal journey with health.

“We want to rush to get big, to lose weight, to get the beach body… but at what cost?”

View the full podcast here and listen to all the ways Brandon opened his mind to allow his body to heal itself.

To read the podcast notes, visit Barbell Shrugged’s podcast page here.


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