Back to School, Back to the Garage (HUMAN GARAGE, that is!)

It’s that time of year again….You’ve been running around all summer and before you’ve had a chance to recover from your vacation, it’s the beginning of a new school year. It’s the beginning of Fall! Thoughts fast forward to the weekly grind, juggling work, social events, your workouts, and the impending holidays which will be here before you know it. Always thinking of what’s coming next, you prepare, get organized, and work towards getting everything perfectly aligned.

But wait – How much thought have you given to your own alignment?

At Human Garage, we are committed to helping people live a fully aligned life. Often, alignment is believed to be simply good posture. Well, there’s far more to it that we’ve discovered.

Did you know that proper alignment also promotes good energy levels, a calmer, clearer state of mind, better balance and stability, and pain-free, full range of motion? We treat people, not symptoms, using all natural, non-invasive methods to work with your body’s own ability to heal itself.

How do you even begin to live a fully aligned life? At Human Garage, we are always looking for a better way for your unique situation and have customized the protocol into four simple, but important, stages:

1) Assess 2) Repair 3) Align 4) For Life

Over the course of the next few posts, I’ll take you through an in-depth look at each stage of your journey on your path towards obtaining pain-free, full range of motion for life. Today, I want to begin with the first step: Assess.

The journey begins by assessing where you are now

When you take your car to the mechanic, they’ll usually run a multi-point diagnostic to assess what needs to be fixed. At Human Garage, when you bring yourself in, we do the same. From your posture and gait to your BioChemistry to your neuromuscular connections, we take a multi-faceted, multi-disciplined approach towards assessing your unique body.

First, our Motion Mechanics do a posture screening for you and assess your body in motion. We take a look at which muscles are affecting specific movements, (your biomechanics), and your posture. For example, we may look at how your hips are moving and how that may be affecting your back as you’re walking. Such movement patterns can’t be seen by looking at images such as an X-ray or MRI, which are usually the tools used in doctor’s offices.

How much do you know about what’s going on inside your body? Even though you may seem fine, the question is how hard are your internal organs operating to be that way? How aligned are they? Processed fast foods, stress, emotional and physical trauma, work responsibilities, media, sedentary lifestyles, lack of sleep and compensating movement patterns throw our body’s chemistry out of whack. That in turn affects our metabolism, digestion, hormone balance, organ functions, productivity, sensitivity, and mental state. Many people who come to us struggle with things like anxiety, depression and other nervous system conditions.

Our Holistic Nutritionists have helped thousands of clients, including themselves, with numerous health issues by first bringing the BioChemistry back into alignment. This begins with analyzing your BioChemistry through our subclinical tests and recommending holistic, functional foods, concentrated food supplements and lifestyle upgrades.

How would you like feeling vibrant and energetic as your new norm?

At Human Garage, that’s what we want for our clients! We help people like you stop the downward spiral by using our simple, subclinical test to measure fourteen biomarkers. These biomarkers reveal such things as how well you metabolize proteins and carbohydrates, and how well your kidneys and liver are functioning–things that don’t show up in the blood tests you take at the doctor’s office. Our intention is not only to address chemical imbalances so you feel better in the present, but also to help repair and align the bodily functions and organs so you feel that way in the future. If you constantly run your car at 70 miles per hour, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to break down! By bringing those biomarkers into balance now, you will boost your quality of life as you experience improved energy, optimized digestion, less tension and systemic inflammation, along with a healthier state of mind!

In order to align your BioMechanics, you must also align your BioChemistry!


Though it may already sound all-encompassing, we don’t stop there. Just as life has many facets, so to does our assessment protocol. Once we’ve assessed your BioMechanics and BioChemistry, our Progression Specialists do a thorough neuromuscular and functional screening with you using the Human Garage Movement Assessment. Where have you gone where they test your visual, vestibular (inner ear), and proprioceptive systems to see how your brain is influencing your pain and movement patterns as you workout? Did you know that if you have pain while performing a squat from a standing position, and then feel no pain while doing the same squat movement while lying down, that it’s a clear sign of a motor control issue not a flexibility issue?

The Progression Specialist’s job is to build upon and strengthen your newly aligned foundation, as they train your brain and muscles to re-calibrate your movement patterns to promote more balance, strength, and flexibility toward your pain-free, full range of motion for life!

Furthermore, our in-house Full Motion Chiropractors add the perfect, finishing touch to your table treatments, as we incorporate our own innovative style of Chiropractic, using a unique method of tuning in to your body to see what exactly your structure needs to be fully aligned.

“I feel an incredible lightness. I didn’t realize how much my shoulders were hunched over until the body work released it and then all of a sudden it felt like my shoulders were trying to float off the rest of my body. And also the mental clarity is incredible. As a writer, it’s a huge asset to suddenly have an open and blank mind without all the racing thoughts that are such a distraction. To just be starting with a clean slate… it’s amazing!

– Brian M.

Last, but not least, our Fascial Flow Specialists use a hands-on method of assessing your body in a massage-like fashion as they work with your entire body’s fascia and soft tissue. This helps determine the fine-tuned details of the type of work you might need through the Repair, Align, and For Life stages. Throughout your journey at Human Garage, Fascial Flow helps your body smooth the integration of changes and flow of energy through your body.

As you can see, Human Garage takes the guesswork out of achieving full mind/body repair and alignment. Our thorough Assessment Protocol approaches alignment from a holistic point of view as we work towards identifying the root source of problems, rather than identifying the symptoms. We use proprietary, cutting-edge methods of tuning in and treating humans with the care they deserve. If this resonates with you, we invite you to come in and discover for yourself the full process at Human Garage and begin your journey with us!

Sign up on our waitlist for a FREE CONSULTATION and get started on the Full Alignment and Rehab Protocol before the holidays are upon us!

HUMAN GARAGE is becoming a household name in its home town of Venice, CA. We are committed to serving the community and humans from around the globe, helping them achieve a pain-free, full range of motion and live a fully aligned life!

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