How To Stay Aligned: Summer Survival Tips

It’s summer! Travel, sunshine, barbecues, airplanes, warmth, and outdoor activities. We love this time of year but with it can come a certain type of challenge when it comes to mind and body health. Where I live, 90 degree heat is upon us, days of never ending warmth, fog if you’re at the beach, summer travel, and sun exposure. Busy social calendars and longer days mean a shift in routines for many.

Above, that’s me: Whitney. Your mind + body blogger and lover of all things outdoors. This picture is of me running fluidly and without pain again (thank you, Human Garage!).

This is also beautiful Big Sur. But I’ll admit upon my return I was sunburned, my neck was out of alignment from how I slept, I was dehydrated, and my legs were sore and unusually tight from sprinting on the beach. After I returned, I asked our Motion Mechanics to help me come up with a list of summer survival tips to keep body, mind, and soul aligned. Wherever you are this summer, remember to carry these summer essentials with you.

1). Protect yourself from the sun: give bü sunscreen a try.

There are a lot of myths floating around about sunscreen. We are often given two alternatives: brand name sunscreens that are loaded with chemicals and do an okay job protecting us from the sun. Or, “organic” and “all natural” sunscreens that may be natural but aren’t adequately protecting us from sun.

Besides the more obvious risks of sunburns, too much sun exposure can also impact our nervous systems. When we experience sunburns, our bodies cortisol levels spike. Our bodies tense in response to cortisol and we find ourselves in the fight or flight response. Our muscles tense and tighten in response to this, leading to tension and pain in the body.

Jeff Kletter, CEO of bü sunscreen, shared with me a little about why this sunscreen is so effective and unique: “They are the only Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection that are Oil, Alcohol, PABA, Preservative and Paraben Free. Using topical anti-oxidant Vitamin E to scavenge free radicals and natural essences for fragrance. They are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, water & sweat resistant, not tested on animals and vegan. All produced using a Solar Powered manufacturing facility making bü carbon neutral. Best of all, they are easy to apply and feel great on your skin.”

Find more about their sunscreen here. And if you’re curious about many brands claims to be “natural” and “organic,” here is a great myth busting blog they’ve written on that.

2). Hydrate. Water alone is not always enough.

Water alone is often not enough to stay hydrated. We often lose electrolytes as well, especially when out in the sun and heat for extended periods of time. Many drinks that contain electrolytes are also loaded with large quantities of sugar. When we drink water only and our electrolyte sources are already depleted, we run the risk of diluting our electrolyte supplies and actually contributing to our dehydration, not helping. That’s why marathon runners have bags of potato chips waiting at the end of marathons, their bodies and muscles crave sodium to help them absorb water properly.

One solution to this common problem? Try Electroqur from our supplement collection Qurecology. Electroqur contains a combination of electrolytes you can easily mix into your water bottle with minimal taste. Coconut water is also an excellent option to stay hydrated naturally without the sugar overload. Persistent dehydration is the source of countless issues in the body, muscle tightness, and diseases. Don’t believe me? Give You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty a read.

3). Carry a MOBOT with you to roll out tight muscles and fascia at your destination.

This one serves a dual purpose: foam roller and insulated water bottle. How ingenious is that? In the summer months, I find myself on airplanes more frequently and on longer car trips. My body takes a beating. Spending a few minutes each day to roll out my body while also encouraging me to stay hydrated can make all the difference.

I continuously remind myself: don’t wait until you are in pain to take care of your body’s needs.

Stuck somewhere on a layover or just completed a brutal red eye flight? Foam roll before, during, or after.

4). Spend ten minutes stretching daily.

On a recent trip to Seattle for a wedding, I found my neck and shoulders incredibly tight from sleeping with a different pillow. It didn’t take much to throw me off, but that small nightly shift in my body’s position left my upper body tense and in pain. When we travel, we shift our bodies’ natural rhythms and the body frequently feels the effect. A small amount of stretching can help keep you out of pain. The stretch above is one of my favorites for after flying or a long road trip.

5). Don’t leave home without BDM50. 

BDM at Human Garage is loaded with natural curcumin and its health benefits are plentiful. Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory. I cannot leave my house without this when I travel. This can be taken morning and night when you are traveling, especially before long legs of flights or before and after physically demanding activities.

6). Walk plenty when you travel.

Can’t get to the gym or continue your regular workout regime when traveling? Fret not. Walking is one of the best things you can do for your mobility from day to day. Spend at least thirty minutes walking each day to maintain your realignment work and work out any kinks from a break in your routine.

Everything mentioned here (and more) is available at Human Garage.

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