My Arrival at the Human Garage

When I came to the Human Garage in October of 2015, suffice it to say I was broken. Physically and emotionally.

I’d spent the previous 48 hours violently ill, band-aid markings still in tact from the needle of the IV fluids, replenishing what I’d lost from yet another migraine the days before. This one felt particularly harrowing and violent. Five years of chronic pain exploding through my left temple wore me down. My face in my initial photograph seems sullen and lifeless.

Western medicine doctors told me pregnancy and menopause would cure me. Single and 28-years-old in Los Angeles, neither of those options seemed promising or helpful. E.R. doctors gave me narcotics through my glutes. Neurologists threw countless medications at me.

As a graduate student of clinical psychology, I felt I’d reached a plateau in talking my migraine pain away.

I felt tired, helpless, and angry. I’d hit a wall. Nothing helped. If anything, I seemed to be getting worse.

Perhaps it was Divine intervention, my urgent care doctor this time was different. He demanded I stand up from my helpless fetal position on the examining table. I put down my Gatorade, hands trembling. I could barely stand on my own two feet, my left hip was throbbing, remnants of a decade old running injury. I leaned into my right foot. Everything hurt.

“I hate to say this, but your alignment is a nightmare. Have you ever tried yoga?,” he asked.

I laughed. And then I cried. “I’m a yoga teacher,” I mumbled between my tears.

He closed the door. “This is off the record,” he said. “You don’t need another neurologist. You need to fix your body. Your hips. Your shoulders. They’re throwing everything off. You need to realign your body.”

Those words would change my life.

After a Facebook cry for help, uncertain what would follow, a fellow yoga teacher and Human Garage Motion Mechanic would respond to my plea for help.

“I think we can help you,” he commented.

I was desperate. I asked no questions, which is rather unlike me. I’d wander through our hidden Venice alleyway into the Garage less than 24 hours later.

I can’t say I knew where I was or how I got there, but I knew I had arrived.

Fast forward to June of 2016, eight months later: today I’m now on staff at Human Garage.

My life changed. I’ve never felt better physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Those around me can see it. They feel it.

There are many details of how I got here I am intentionally leaving out. In good time, I hope to answer: How did we come to be? Who are we? Why? Where? What do we even do?

If you’ve already come to our space, perhaps you share a similar story. For now, I invite you in. This post is just the beginning.

At the Human Garage, we believe the body was designed to heal itself. I’ve lived this. I believe this deeply. It is my intention our writings will reflect this.

The words that I write here (rather, those we’ll write here together) are intended to educate and empower you in your healing journey. We are here to walk with you as you realign, unwind, and balance your body and mind. As we tune in here from one day to the next, it is my hope we can all experience greater connection and alignment within our bodies and minds.

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