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Tuned In — Aligning Body and Mind

Busting the Myth of the Mind/Body Split

Friday, March 31, 2017
By: Whitney Easton

Busting the Myth of the Mind/Body Split
“Alignment is when all of the processes that define our human existence are working together.” 
Garry Lineham, Co-Founder of Human Garage 

I wanted to take a minute to step back today to define what we mean by “mind/body repair and alignment” at Human Garage. It’s painted across our walls, it’s the hashtag we put on all of our Instagram posts, and it’s a part of our vocabulary in much of what we do. A belief in the undeniable link between mind and body is at the core of our work as a company.

In previous blogs, I’ve alluded to and hinted at the connection between body and mind but I’ve made the assumption we all come to the table with a similar understanding of what this means.

And it’s interesting: people often refer to us as “bodyworkers.” But I think this runs the risk of oversimplification. We are bodyworkers, yes, but it is because of the powerful connection to the brain and the mind’s powerful connection to the body that our realignment work takes root.

Societally speaking, we go to the doctor to fix our bodies, we see a psychologist to fix our minds, and we connect and access our souls in churches, mosques, and temples (or whatever is your place of worship).

But, what if there was a place and a type of work that allowed you to connect to all of these? 

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