We’re Back.

With a global fascial movement.

Since last winter, we’ve been overhauling the Human Garage, working on a whole new platform for the human body and we are excited to share our discoveries with you.


Building on our past experiences of treating over 10,000 people in our LA locations, we have committed to an entirely new approach that revolves around fascia. The results have been remarkable.


We’ve identified 10 dynamic fascial maneuvers that have a profound ability to release stress from the body while enhancing mobility and performance.


For those that are ready to take responsibility for their own health, we’ve created an online app (in beta) where we are sharing and helping people master these 10 fascial maneuvers—and it’s all FREE. We are on a mission to help as many people as we can.


Join our community and begin your daily practice of performing Fascial Maneuvers. We will help you along the way. 

Get Certified

We're running certification programs for those interested in training to become fascial maneuver coaches or practitioners.

• new  website  launching  soon •